Flannel Friday — With Non-Flannel Shadow Puppets for the Lego Song

My first foray into the land of shadow puppets was the Lego Song by the Kerplunks. I had a school-aged Lego program back in November and was having trouble finding a great book to open with, but had heard a rumour that my coworkers had made shadow puppets to go along with the Lego Song.

This fun little song goes like this:

kerplunks walk on cd

Sitting in my Lego house
In my Lego chair
Reading my Lego newspaper
In my Lego underwear!

In subsequent verses, the Lego man sits in a car, airplane, castle, and rocket ship, each time with his chair, newspaper and underwear.

Using my coworkers’ shadow puppets as inspiration, I looked up various clipart on the internet and printed off some to use as templates. I made sure I was stocked up with black card stock, coloured tissue paper, a sharp cutting tool, metal ruler, and cutting mat, then I queued up some movies and got to work.  I’m particularly proud of the newspaper and the underwear!

Lego Song Shadow Puppets

Here’s a photo of the results — sorry it’s so bad but the lamination made things tricky– excluding the airplane and castle that got damaged during the performance. I laminated these pieces for stability and will be remaking the missing pieces soon.  I attached chenille stems/pipe cleaners and wooden stir sticks to the back of each item and used double sided sticky tape to attach them to our shadow puppet theatre screen if needed, adding each new piece with each new verse.  I didn’t use any sticky tape with the Lego man so he could dance around in his underwear each time, mainly because I found it funny. The kids laughed too.

I am just loving shadow puppets now! So glad I got to sit in on a coworker’s shadow puppet program for kids back in the fall so I could see how fun and easy they are.

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Flannel Friday — 5 Little Rockets from Storytime Katie

What do you get when you add late night audiobook listening with a Summer Reading Club theme of Up, Up and Away, plus big-time inspiration from Storytime Katie?  I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that’s the formula for a new set of felt rockets!

Original / inspirational version by Storytime Katie

Original / inspirational version by Storytime Katie

My version of 5 Little Rockets

My version of 5 Little Rockets

Storytime Katie’s original/inspirational 4 Little Rockets have been pinned to my to-do Pinterest board for ages.  I’m headed out on my first Summer Reading Club outreach visit of the year on Monday and needed something for the flannel/felt board for the younger kids, just in case.  Maybe this will become an out of this world version of Little Mouse, Little Mouse?  Still deciding.

Mine definitely aren’t as perfect as Storytime Katie’s.  She’s a hard act to follow! Just look at the funny shape of the yellow one I made, for example.  What’s going on there? Isn’t that one looking a little more streamlined/aerodynamic than the others? Also, I don’t know how other crafters do it, but I find circles one of the harder items to cut out of felt.  Luckily, I have a number of the fuzzy sides of velcro dots hanging around — the hook side of the dots are on the back of some laminated clip art — and they became the perfectly circular white portholes.  I used the double felt technique that Judy Sierra describes in her books, so all of these are backed on black felt for sturdiness.

All in all, pretty happy with how they turned out.  Thank you, Storytime Katie, for the inspiration!

It’s Easy Being Green! Family Storytime

Wide-Mouthed Frog A Pop-Up Book by Faulkner   Odd Egg by Gravett   The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band        

Weekly Opening Song — The More We Get Together
With signs for more, together, happy, and friends.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter
Bread and butter, marmalade and jam, [slap hands on knees to the beat]
Can you say hello as slowly as you can?
Hello [very slow]

We repeated this with slowly, quickly, high, low, and ended with loud and quiet.

Introduction to Theme — Green Puppets
I had a couple frog puppets, and a green octopus finger puppet in a picnic basket and took each one out in turn asking, “What kind of animal is this?” Then, I asked the kids what they all had in common. With the help of the parents, we determined they were all green = yay!

Book — The Wide-Mouthed Frog: A Pop-Up Book by Keith Faulkner
I taught the kids the song “I am a great big wide-mouthed frog, wide-mouthed frog, wide-mouthed frog, I am a great big wide-mouthed frog, and I like to eat bugs!” and got them to sing along every time Frog met one of the other animals.  I think that song came from one of Rob Reid’s books.

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Flannel Friday — Pig’s Picnic by Keiko Kaszo

    pigspicnic  Pig's Picnic 1

This felt was so fun to make!  It’s based on the book by Keiko Kaszo.  Sadly the book is on the smaller side and the light coloured illustrations  made it tough to share with a crowd of storytimers.  And so came the felt.

The story of Pig’s Picnic goes like this:  Mr. Pig (with the blue bowtie) wants to ask Miss Pig (with the pink hair bow) out for a picnic but he isn’t feeling very confident.  His friends Fox, Lion, and Zebra meet him along the way to Miss Pig’s house and each one loans Mr. Pig his best feature — Fox his tail, Lion his mane, and Zebra his stripes.  Mr. Pig feels pretty darn handsome by the time he gets to Miss Pig’s door, but Miss Pig has a different opinion. It’s a lovely little tale about being yourself.

Pig's Picnic Finish

I told this story with the flannel/felt for my A Good Case of the Stripes Family Storytime.

When choosing the perfect animals to flannelize, I found the pig  design on  Mel’s Desk, the fox design from Elli.com’s woodland cuteness and the lion from Elli.com’s Valentine goodness.  Her Valentines inspired the zebra too!

Spring Mixer Family Storytime

peekabloom veryhungrycaterpillar  five-little-ducks    

Weekly Opening Song — The More We Get Together
With signs for more, together, happy, and friends.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter
[slap hands on knees to the beat]
Bread and butter, marmalade and jam,
Can you say hello as slowly as you can?
Hello [very slow]

We repeated this with slowly, quickly, high, low, and ended with loud and quiet.

Intro to Theme — Spring clipart
We talked about spring and I posted some spring clipart on the flannel/felt board and the kids identified each one. Images included baby birds, nests, flowers, butterflies, leaves, etc.

Book — Peek-A-Bloom by Marie Torres Cimarusti
We have several of the books in the series and I kind of love them all!

Movement —  If You’d like to Read A Book Clap Your Hands
We clapped our hands, stomped our feet, waved our arms, turned around, wiggled around, jumped up and down, and then we did it all before sitting back down.

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Calling All Cotton Tails

A special Easter program for three to five year olds.

 boyandhisbunny  easterbunnysassistant 


Opening Song — Hello Children
A great chance to go around the room, learning each child’s name, and using the world’s cutest rabbit puppet,  Folkmanis’ Dutch Rabbit.

Hello children, hello children, hello children
I’m glad you’re here today!
Hello [name of child], hello [another child’s name], hello [another child’s name]
I’m glad you’re here today!


Folkmanis Dutch rabbit cuteness

Opening Song —  Can You Hop Hop Hop Like a Bunny
Can you hop, hop, hop like a bunny
And run, run, run like a dog?
Can you walk, walk, walk like an elephant
And jump, jump, jump like a frog?
Can you swim, swim, swim like a goldfish
And fly, fly, fly like a bird?
Can you sit right here like a quiet mouse
And not say a single word? Shhhhhhh!

(from Debbie Carroll’s CD Up and Over the Moon!)

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A Good Case of the Stripes Family Storytime

Here is another instance where I did the same basic storytime two days in a row, and took the opportunity to refine things on the second go ’round. It was like instant feedback on which elements were keepers and which elements needed to be replaced

Round #1

itsatiger  buzzbuzz  sealsonthebus


Attention Getting Song — Hello Hello Everyone
Hello hello everyone
Now we’re here let’s have some fun!
First we’ll clap our hands like so
Then we’ll bend and touch our toes.
Hello, hello everyone
Storytime has just begun!

Source:  ??

basket of striped puppets

Theme/Guessing Game with Puppets –There’s Something in My Basket
There’s something in my basket
There’s something I can’t see
There’s something in my basket, now what can it be?
I think I can hear it making a sound
Grr, grr, grr, grr
A tiger’s what I found!

Repeated with raccoon, zebra, and bee puppets

Weekly Opening Song with Signs — The More We Get Together (x2)
Signs used were more, together, happy, and friend.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter
Bread and butter
Marmalade and jam
Can you say hello
As quickly as you can?

Repeat with slowly, high/low, loud/quiet.  My Fabulous CoWorker taught me this one.

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