Oh, hi.

My name is Leah.  I’m a new Children’s and Family Literacy Librarian and I started this blog to document the storytimes and other children’s, tween, and teen programs that I’ve run at the public library.

A huge thank you to all the blogging children’s librarians, childcare providers, and other creative folks out there on the internet who have posted such great resources for storytimes!  I wanted to share my material too, even if it’s just the ramblings of a not-quite-sure-what’s-she’s-doing Children’s Librarian.

What else to tell you about myself?  Well, when I’m not doing the Kids’ Lib thing, I like to play roller derby.

About the Programs

Baby Times

My library system offers a special story time for babies aged zero to fifteen months at many of its branches, including the one I work at.  We run this as a drop-in program — which makes sense when just getting up, dressed, and out of the house is a big accomplishment when you’ve got a newboarn! — and attendance ranges from five babies with their caregivers to twenty-five babies or more.  We explore songs, rhymes, bounces, tickles, books, and lots of other fun stuff in these programs.  I always include a very short book or two.

Most of my colleagues do not use a theme for Babytime but I do.  I’ve been finding that themes help with those overwhelmed-by-all-the-options feelings at bay. I’ve also adopted the mini-theme/set format from Mel’s Desk’s babytimes.  We’ll see where things go as I gain more experience and build up my babytime repetoire, but for now, it’s working.

Family Storytimes

Family Storytimes in our library system are a come-one come-all affair.  It is drop-in and our branch and usually has children in the toddler to young preschooler age range.  This flexibility seems to work well for the children and caregivers and certainly keeps us on our toes trying to find material that will be suitable for whatever ages show up that day.

In the fall of 2012, we added a second Family Storytime to our week to help with demand.  I’ve heard horror stories of over 100 people coming out in the past and staff  would post a Page at the door to turn people away due to room capacity.  Luckily, in my experience, we’ve topped out at 70 people at FST in the past few months.

Our Fabulous Library Assistant runs the Thursday FSTs and we alternate the Friday FSTs unless I succeed in begging her to help me out during those weeks that my plate is too full.


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