Hippos And Elephants Babytime

Our babytimes just keep getting bigger and bigger! Today we had approximately 50 babies and their caregivers.  In this case it was definitely the more the merrier as we shared songs, stories, and rhymes about hippos and elephants.      


Weekly Opening Song — Hello Babies
We sang this twice, with signs for hello, babies, time, and say.  Watch Jbrary’s Hello Friends video which  inspired this baby spinoff:


Rainbow Songs Oh Baby!

Weekly Opening Lift — Flying Babies from Rainbow Songs Oh Baby! CD
[to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot]

I’m a little baby and I fly high [lift baby and swing through the air]
Here is the ground [lower baby to ground]
And here is the sky [lift baby high in the air]
Like a little bird or a butterfly [lift baby and swing through the air]
I’m a baby and I fly high!

This song was recommended by a co-worker and it’s like babytime gold!  Caregivers and babies are instantly engaged and lots of giggling typically ensues.


Hippo Puppet

Weekly Name Song with Puppet — Higgeldy Piggedly Bumblebee
Higgeldy piggedly bumblebee
Won’t you say your name for me? [group sings these two lines all together]
[Insert name of baby here] [caregiver sings name of baby]
[Insert name of baby here] [group repeats name of baby]

We go around the circle, me with a puppet (this time a gorgeous hippo puppet from our library system’s bookable props stash) and with each caregiver singing the name of their baby.  Great way to warm up singing voices and getting some one on one time with each child.

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