Flannel Friday — With Non-Flannel Shadow Puppets for the Lego Song

My first foray into the land of shadow puppets was the Lego Song by the Kerplunks. I had a school-aged Lego program back in November and was having trouble finding a great book to open with, but had heard a rumour that my coworkers had made shadow puppets to go along with the Lego Song.

This fun little song goes like this:

kerplunks walk on cd

Sitting in my Lego house
In my Lego chair
Reading my Lego newspaper
In my Lego underwear!

In subsequent verses, the Lego man sits in a car, airplane, castle, and rocket ship, each time with his chair, newspaper and underwear.

Using my coworkers’ shadow puppets as inspiration, I looked up various clipart on the internet and printed off some to use as templates. I made sure I was stocked up with black card stock, coloured tissue paper, a sharp cutting tool, metal ruler, and cutting mat, then I queued up some movies and got to work.  I’m particularly proud of the newspaper and the underwear!

Lego Song Shadow Puppets

Here’s a photo of the results — sorry it’s so bad but the lamination made things tricky– excluding the airplane and castle that got damaged during the performance. I laminated these pieces for stability and will be remaking the missing pieces soon.  I attached chenille stems/pipe cleaners and wooden stir sticks to the back of each item and used double sided sticky tape to attach them to our shadow puppet theatre screen if needed, adding each new piece with each new verse.  I didn’t use any sticky tape with the Lego man so he could dance around in his underwear each time, mainly because I found it funny. The kids laughed too.

I am just loving shadow puppets now! So glad I got to sit in on a coworker’s shadow puppet program for kids back in the fall so I could see how fun and easy they are.

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