Flannel Friday — 5 Little Rockets from Storytime Katie

What do you get when you add late night audiobook listening with a Summer Reading Club theme of Up, Up and Away, plus big-time inspiration from Storytime Katie?  I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that’s the formula for a new set of felt rockets!

Original / inspirational version by Storytime Katie

Original / inspirational version by Storytime Katie

My version of 5 Little Rockets

My version of 5 Little Rockets

Storytime Katie’s original/inspirational 4 Little Rockets have been pinned to my to-do Pinterest board for ages.  I’m headed out on my first Summer Reading Club outreach visit of the year on Monday and needed something for the flannel/felt board for the younger kids, just in case.  Maybe this will become an out of this world version of Little Mouse, Little Mouse?  Still deciding.

Mine definitely aren’t as perfect as Storytime Katie’s.  She’s a hard act to follow! Just look at the funny shape of the yellow one I made, for example.  What’s going on there? Isn’t that one looking a little more streamlined/aerodynamic than the others? Also, I don’t know how other crafters do it, but I find circles one of the harder items to cut out of felt.  Luckily, I have a number of the fuzzy sides of velcro dots hanging around — the hook side of the dots are on the back of some laminated clip art — and they became the perfectly circular white portholes.  I used the double felt technique that Judy Sierra describes in her books, so all of these are backed on black felt for sturdiness.

All in all, pretty happy with how they turned out.  Thank you, Storytime Katie, for the inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday — 5 Little Rockets from Storytime Katie

  1. I agree about those felt circles – mine always end up pointy somewhere and then I try to ’round it off’ and create a flat side. But your rockets look great, I think the circles look fine 🙂

  2. Your rockets are sweet! I really love the technique Judy Sierra technique and have made one flannel using it. What a wonderful idea for the port holes!! I have lots of those fuzzy velcro dots too –for the same reason! I can’t wait to make this flannel for my “Flying High” summer storytime. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. These are beautiful! The rockets have been on my “to be flannelized soon” list for some time as well. I love the idea of making the rocket another hiding place for little mouse! Oh, such a clever bunch!

    • I’ve been thinking “Man, Little Mouse could totally hide behind these!” with most felts I’ve been making. It feels like I’ve adapted the “Put a bird on it!” sentiment into “Put a Little Mouse behind it!”

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