Flannel Friday — Pig’s Picnic by Keiko Kaszo

    pigspicnic  Pig's Picnic 1

This felt was so fun to make!  It’s based on the book by Keiko Kaszo.  Sadly the book is on the smaller side and the light coloured illustrations  made it tough to share with a crowd of storytimers.  And so came the felt.

The story of Pig’s Picnic goes like this:  Mr. Pig (with the blue bowtie) wants to ask Miss Pig (with the pink hair bow) out for a picnic but he isn’t feeling very confident.  His friends Fox, Lion, and Zebra meet him along the way to Miss Pig’s house and each one loans Mr. Pig his best feature — Fox his tail, Lion his mane, and Zebra his stripes.  Mr. Pig feels pretty darn handsome by the time he gets to Miss Pig’s door, but Miss Pig has a different opinion. It’s a lovely little tale about being yourself.

Pig's Picnic Finish

I told this story with the flannel/felt for my A Good Case of the Stripes Family Storytime.

When choosing the perfect animals to flannelize, I found the pig  design on  Mel’s Desk, the fox design from Elli.com’s woodland cuteness and the lion from Elli.com’s Valentine goodness.  Her Valentines inspired the zebra too!


Spring Mixer Family Storytime

peekabloom veryhungrycaterpillar  five-little-ducks    

Weekly Opening Song — The More We Get Together
With signs for more, together, happy, and friends.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter
[slap hands on knees to the beat]
Bread and butter, marmalade and jam,
Can you say hello as slowly as you can?
Hello [very slow]

We repeated this with slowly, quickly, high, low, and ended with loud and quiet.

Intro to Theme — Spring clipart
We talked about spring and I posted some spring clipart on the flannel/felt board and the kids identified each one. Images included baby birds, nests, flowers, butterflies, leaves, etc.

Book — Peek-A-Bloom by Marie Torres Cimarusti
We have several of the books in the series and I kind of love them all!

Movement —  If You’d like to Read A Book Clap Your Hands
We clapped our hands, stomped our feet, waved our arms, turned around, wiggled around, jumped up and down, and then we did it all before sitting back down.

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