Babytime Frogginess

20 babies and their caregivers hop, hop, hopped on down to the library for this frog-themed babytime!  My baby stand in this week was a long-armed frog. Good thing there were no rhymes about ears this week …

frogpuppet    leap back home  bigfrog


Weekly Opening Song — The More We Get Together

With signs for more, together, happy, and friend.

Weekly Hello Song — Hello Babies

Adorbs frog puppet used with this one.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter

[slap hands on knees to the beat]
Bread and butter, marmalade and jam,
Can you say hello as slowly as you can?
Hello [very slow]

We repeated this with slowly, quickly, high, low, and ended with loud and quiet.

Book — Leap Back Home to Me by Lauren Thompson
Bounce —  Little Frog (x2)

A little frog in a pond am I, (bounce baby)
Hippity, hippity, hop.
And I can jump in the air so high, (lift high)
Hippity, hippity, hop

(from Bouncing Babies)

diaper gym
Bounce — Baby Hop (x2)

[sung to the tune “Bunny Hop”]
Snuggle up together
Baby’s in your lap.
Snuggle up together
And clap, clap, clap.

Snuggle up together
Don’t you nap,
Snuggle up together
And tap, tap, tap.

You’re workin’ out together,
Baby don’t stop!
You’re workin’ out together,
So hop, hop, hop.

Now our song is over,
Get ready to stop.
Now our song is over
So stop stop stop!

(from Diaper Gym by Kimbo Educational)

We did this one last week too and I wanted to give it another chance with this group.  They still don’t seem to love it the way I do.  Oh well.

From our branch's flannel treasure trove

From our branch’s flannel treasure trove

Flannel/Felt/Counting Song — Five Green and Speckled Frogs

From branch prop collection. Those are some mellow looking frogs (and that’s not a very good photo)!

Body Rhyme — Crackers & Crumbs

This is a repeat from previous week and is another one that I like, but that doesn’t seem to reasonate with the caregivers.

Fingerplay — Open Them Shut Them


Weekly Circle/Action Song — Shoo Fly
Circle Song — As I Was Walking Down the Street

We walked on the “walking” and rig-a-jig-jigged on the “rig-a-jig-jigs.”  Fun!

Action Song — Noble Duke of York

This was a repeat from previous week and is a keeper!


Bounce: Charlie Chaplin Went to France

Repeat from previous week. I really like this one!  The caregivers appear to be “meh” on it.  Update: my co-worker likes this one too and also found that the patrons didn’t connect with it.  We decided it just needs to come earlier in the program to really get a chance.

Pop-up Book — Big Frog Can’t Fit In by Mo Willems

Everyone loves pop ups, even this late in a program!

Closing Rhyme — Wave High, Wave Low


Note to self: slow the heck down! I was leaping from one rhyme/song/book to the next faster than a bullfrog.  Assuming bullfrogs are pretty quick. I’m not scientist.

Best part: when the moms and dads said “Aww!” at the end of Leap Back Home to Me.  Additional note to self: these guys are softies.  Bring on the lovey dovey, cutesie pie books…yay!


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