Calling All Cotton Tails

A special Easter program for three to five year olds.

 boyandhisbunny  easterbunnysassistant 


Opening Song — Hello Children
A great chance to go around the room, learning each child’s name, and using the world’s cutest rabbit puppet,  Folkmanis’ Dutch Rabbit.

Hello children, hello children, hello children
I’m glad you’re here today!
Hello [name of child], hello [another child’s name], hello [another child’s name]
I’m glad you’re here today!


Folkmanis Dutch rabbit cuteness

Opening Song —  Can You Hop Hop Hop Like a Bunny
Can you hop, hop, hop like a bunny
And run, run, run like a dog?
Can you walk, walk, walk like an elephant
And jump, jump, jump like a frog?
Can you swim, swim, swim like a goldfish
And fly, fly, fly like a bird?
Can you sit right here like a quiet mouse
And not say a single word? Shhhhhhh!

(from Debbie Carroll’s CD Up and Over the Moon!)

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A Good Case of the Stripes Family Storytime

Here is another instance where I did the same basic storytime two days in a row, and took the opportunity to refine things on the second go ’round. It was like instant feedback on which elements were keepers and which elements needed to be replaced

Round #1

itsatiger  buzzbuzz  sealsonthebus


Attention Getting Song — Hello Hello Everyone
Hello hello everyone
Now we’re here let’s have some fun!
First we’ll clap our hands like so
Then we’ll bend and touch our toes.
Hello, hello everyone
Storytime has just begun!

Source:  ??

basket of striped puppets

Theme/Guessing Game with Puppets –There’s Something in My Basket
There’s something in my basket
There’s something I can’t see
There’s something in my basket, now what can it be?
I think I can hear it making a sound
Grr, grr, grr, grr
A tiger’s what I found!

Repeated with raccoon, zebra, and bee puppets

Weekly Opening Song with Signs — The More We Get Together (x2)
Signs used were more, together, happy, and friend.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter
Bread and butter
Marmalade and jam
Can you say hello
As quickly as you can?

Repeat with slowly, high/low, loud/quiet.  My Fabulous CoWorker taught me this one.

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Babytime Frogginess

20 babies and their caregivers hop, hop, hopped on down to the library for this frog-themed babytime!  My baby stand in this week was a long-armed frog. Good thing there were no rhymes about ears this week …

frogpuppet    leap back home  bigfrog


Weekly Opening Song — The More We Get Together

With signs for more, together, happy, and friend.

Weekly Hello Song — Hello Babies

Adorbs frog puppet used with this one.

Weekly Opening Song — Bread and Butter

[slap hands on knees to the beat]
Bread and butter, marmalade and jam,
Can you say hello as slowly as you can?
Hello [very slow]

We repeated this with slowly, quickly, high, low, and ended with loud and quiet.

Book — Leap Back Home to Me by Lauren Thompson
Bounce —  Little Frog (x2)

A little frog in a pond am I, (bounce baby)
Hippity, hippity, hop.
And I can jump in the air so high, (lift high)
Hippity, hippity, hop

(from Bouncing Babies)

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