Whatever the Weather Family Storytime

Lately, the days have been wet and dreary here on the Wet Coast.  Uh, Westcoast. I hope the stories and songs in today’s weather themed storytime helped make yet another gray day a little more fun.  Truthfully, I just wanted to sing “Mr. Sun.” It’s okay to build an entire storytime around a favorite song, right?

itsy   spiltmilk

Opening Song/Intro to Theme —  What’s the Weather?

(from Perpetual Preschool)

Weekly Opening Song —  The More We Get Together (x2)
Weekly Opening Song: — Bread and Butter

(thanks for teaching me this, Kindly Coworker!)


Puppet — Spider
Book — The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Trapani
Fingerplay — The Itsy Bitsy Spider (x2) (traditional song)
Action Rhyme — The Rain is Falling Down (x2)

(from Colorado Library’s Story Blocks videos )

Flannel/Felt Story — Red Umbrella

From our branch’s flannel story treasure trove; sorry no pic! Yet!

Transition: If You’d like to Read Another Book Clap Your Hands

Clouds & Sun

Book — It Look Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw
Action Song: Mr. Sun by Raffi (x2)

Shakers (& Bells)

Shaker Warm-up — Shake Your Shaker Slowly Slowly As Can Be
Shaker Song — We’re Going to Kentucky (x2)
Stamp: Butterfly

How It Went

I was happy with how this storytime went.  I’ve been preparing too much material lately and really forced myself to pare down.  This seemed like the perfect amount and the shakers were so much fun!  I did run out of time for my closing song but I don’t think anyone noticed or cared.

My Fabulous Coworker told me that some of the best feedback she got as a newbie was to slow down and to talk more with the kids.  It’s hard to do that when you’re feeling nervous — and I always seem to feel nervous — because kids can go on tangents.  I love a wild and wonderful tangent but it can be difficult to bring the little guys back from them.  That said, I asked the kids lots more questions today and tried to relax and interact more.  I feel like it paid off. I had fun and they seemed to too.

And the nice caregiver who told me that she really enjoyed the storytime didn’t hurt either!


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